Since 2008 defending footwear culture

Cultura is born with the promise to walk in harmony with the planet Earth. Protecting your feet with healthy materials. Unique pieces made by the last shoe craft masters. Cultura fight against labor exploitation, mass production and harmful materials.

All started offering handmade shoes in itinerant market stalls around Madrid, California, Milan, Barcelona & Berlin. After years improving the product trough face to face feedback, NOW we offer our collections wherever you are. Today you can still find us roaming in the markets. We remain true to our roots.

Cultura don´t follow consumerism seasons and planned fashion trends. As soon as inspirations comes, we offer a new design in limited quantities. Every pair is hand crafted in Spain one by one. Respecting footcraft tradition and natural materials. We are a humble entrepreneurial company that wants to do the things right. Fight against mass-production and give back to society a product with sustainable value. Supporting Cultura, you are giving your vote to make this world a better place to enjoy life. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to be able to pre-order incoming limited footcrafts.

Our values


Shoes and boots they last forever. Made with high quality leather, mechanically hand stitched and recycled motorbike tire soles: A highly valued material for its resistance, which already had been used by artisans in the early twentieth century with the arrive of the automobile. -Material that replaced leather and straw soles-. Although the use of tire-soles was so popular between 1920 and 1970, it finally disappeared with the advent of mass production, synthesis of oil and the change in the consumer society, where the big brands were promoting low cost and high turnover products, damaging seriously the ecology. For this reason we bet for a footwear that takes care of the environment allowing you to walk hundreds of kilometres.


We preserve shoe craftsmanship. We support small local workshops, which have inherited the art of footwear tradition. Shoemakers, tanners and stitchers, all work together in harmony each in their specialization. To create only with his hands and a few tools, authentic pieces of craftsmanship. Made 100% in Spain, a country with a large shoemaking tradition, great expertise and professionalism. But this tradition is getting lost. Because they can´t compete any more against the new era of globalization and mass production. Where working conditions and the quality of manufacturing are depleted, supplanted by low cost and massiveness production.



We value our feet; we want they to transpire and to enjoy the contact of natural materials. We use organic cotton canvas and vegetable tanned skins, where no heavy metals are used as chrome (that not only contaminate the environment in the process but they harm your feet). Soles, design and molds are anatomic, so you do not harm during walk. Leather adapts to the shape of your foot with the use. We recommend greasing your shoes periodically to maintain them hydrated, flexible and waterproof. A natural footwear, odorless and easy to clean. Unlike mass footwear, where contact with synthetic and artificial materials, do nothing but harm your health. For this reason we promote the use of natural and healthy footwear.